“Desert Mountain Revisited” – Walt Pitts remake of original fingerstyle guitar instrumental

Get this song and listen to others from my new album at CD Baby – Here is a remake of an original song that appeared on my first CD. I played a Maton Guitar and used a Boss RC-30 Loop Station to create the sounds on this live recording. I also played a Michael Kelly Dragonfly Custom Mandolin with Fishman pickups.

I incorporated fingerstyle and slide guitar techniques, along with jazz and blues instrumental stylings. Tommy Emmanuel and David Grisman have been big influences on my playing style, along with Chet Atkins, Pat Metheny and Joe Pass. Hope you enjoy the track.

This video shows that actual live take of the song that appears on my album, “Keepin’ It Real in Lo-Fi.” You can hear more songs and purchase them here CD Baby.

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